Professor Green: What Would Happen If The UK Legalised Weed?

Cannabis laws are changing across the world, so is there an argument to legalise weed here in the UK? Professor Green investigates. You can watch the full …


  1. the people who were addicted most likely onlt became addicted because they didnt smoke full green and it was the tobacco they mixed it with that had them hooked. so it shouldnt be considered such a huge part of legalisation compared to alcohol or cigarettes

  2. Legalising weed would probably lower levels of gang violence as most drug dealers usually only sell weed and them not legalising weed is doing more harm as people are gonna smoke it either way and if it’s legal it can be safely grown and sold the correct way and their would also be more room in prisons

  3. Just legalise the whole thing just because a couple people get psychosis, who normally have already existing mental illness or issues, means no one can use it. People drink themselves to death daily and smoke tobacco relentlessly. These poor kids need it as a medicine and all they do is elongate these “trials” to suppress the idea of legalisation. Legalisation would reduce crime as cannabis is a main contributor to gangs and criminals so why don’t we take the profit from the criminals and pump it into our economy? It can also be used to create things such as clothing, structures, candles etc. Most importantly it can be used to treat horrible health issues such as epilepsy, cancer, anxiety and many more. It’s time we reform our archaic laws from as far back as 1928, which is pre World War 2 and this country has changed massively from then. Do the right thing and legalise the herb!

  4. the main argument that made weed illegal in the first place was from a proffessor stating "because it made negros feel superior to the white man" im not daying weed is a miracle plant but both me nans have bad arthritis on the worst days one of em cant leave the bed even the morphine patches the doctors were testing didnt do jack shit but a just a few days on weed she was noticeably happier and was able to go out even when it was really cold and damp which is supposed to be hellish for those with arthritis

  5. Canabis is like any other drug of stimulant. Excessively over used can lead to issues but used sensibly can be enjoyed as we enjoy food, booze ect. It's crazy that in 2020 we are still being dictated to what we can and cant do as adults

  6. Some times weed doesnt work for some people but for others it has major benefits for e.g me I have severe anxiety disorder and depression and the only reason I'm not dead yet is because I smoke weed I've tried getting better without weed therapy medication professionals nothing works but a joint for me I'm waiting on the doctors for a diagnosis for PTSD and bipolar as well not saying I have it as I haven't been diagnosed but it's a higher possibility and the only time I feel like ok my life is changing around is when I've smoked mental health is a huge thing and so many people go through it cannabis personally is a #1 product and has saved me from this dark dark allie I'm going down I've been suffering for years still am now as money isn't always there so I do have to have a break and that's when my problems come back and yes before I smoked cannabis as in before I even tried it my head was the worst I was self harming I was tying ropes to try kill my self that failed and I was being treated with therapy support but nothing helps other than cannabis it should be legalised this can change millions of lives I am now getting back into therapy and starting my own youtube channel I cant work due to my problems as I have tried before and it is mentally impossible for me to do so but smoking weed helps me get on with my day to day tasks like getting up and dressed eating/munchies 😂👌and feeling better about my self it gives me confidence that ok I might not be where i want to be right now but I'm planning and working in getting my self better I hate mental illnesses and I cant Express how much weed has actually helped me we need to make weed legal in the uk also if u think thc doesnt help your a dumbass I'm an over thinker and that sets of my anxiety and depression and thc keeps your mind busy whilst cbd helps me focus the thc keeps me from over thinking silly situations I would usually panic over where as a normal person wouldn't and would just get on I don't want any arguements I just wanted to explain that cannabis isn't as bad as it sounds half the people who comment negative shit about it have never tried it and only go with what the government state as for the other half of the negative they have smoked it had a shit experience once and said no I hate it don't judge it of one time use please

  7. I'm sorry, but any kind of potential negative effects of cannabis are completely irrelevant for the question wether or not to legalise it. If someone argued that because alcohol is dangerous its consumers should be put in prison, they'd be called brain dead and rightfully so. Yet when it comes to any other drug, this is accepted as a reasonable argument. Laughable!

  8. you can actually legally but weed in the uk just go to cbdhempweed then press cbd flower the only reason it's legal is because the thc levels are low and the cbd levels are high they are not that bad nice to chill out with, smell good as well fresh off the plant to your house in a day or 2 lol

  9. This is the bbc so those guys near the end are just actors 🤦🏽‍♂️ weed is not addictive, isnt a Hallucinogen and doesn’t promote suicidal thoughts.

    Aside from the medicinal effects from cannabis, weed relaxes you and Emphasises your thoughts and emotions .

    Why a natural plant like cannibis isn’t legal yet alcohol and tobacco is – is beyond me

  10. they say they wont legalise because its harmful, yet tobacco and alcohold, even prescription drugs and even paracetamol kills hundreds of thousands to hundreds of million around the world every year. so why should it be ANY different for weed, which would only be better for the users.

  11. It’s easier for kids to get ahold of weed than tobacco, weed is being sold by criminals and it is completely unregulated some even spray it down with glass to make it heavier they say cannabis is a gateway drug but that’s only because they’re dealing with people that are trying to up sell them harder substances

  12. The problem here is conflating the issue of whether weed is good with whether it should be legal. I think it is harmful and people should be encouraged not to use it, but keeping it illegal doesn't help anybody. It uses up police time and resources for no reason because people will keep using it anyway.

  13. Alcohol has so much worse effects on people than cannabis. These people would have chosen another dependence if they didn’t have weed. Funny because every city and every town in the UK has many many weed dealers. Thousands upon thousands of them. That money isn’t going to the government. It’s legal in Canada, 12 to 13 states in America. Australia ya some relaxed laws in certain states. Drug laws changed and relaxed in Portugal and Spain with reduction of crime and less people abusing substances with relaxed laws. Come on UK government wake up. Corona virus here and we’re all in debtor this country, this would bring like said in program 1 billion a year. Think our country needs this. Medically I believe in cannabis and recreational use is fine if that’s what you want to do. I believe people with serious mental health problems should not be given access. Should be for over 21 as well. People have access to alcohol that kills 250.000 people every year roughly. It’s a lot of people, cannabis it’s self has never killed anyone. Totally backwards laws we have in the UK.

  14. Perth scotland I was smoking a spliff on the bench out in South inch the cop came upto me telling me I shouldn't be smoking weed here as for respect for the public that don't like the smell and told me to move on but never arrested me so prop up for poileas alba

  15. 3-5 years weed will be legal within the UK 🇬🇧?! Yeah right, wishful thinking more like! This video is already a year old. They even just outlawed Menthol cigarettes in the U.K. & the EU just last month!

  16. I’ll tell you what would happen: less gang violence, more respect in the police, less youth violence and proper regulation as there is for alcohol and tobacco

  17. Iv Been smoking pot for more than 10 years now. It helps building me as an optimist person as well as pessimist, a critical thinker.Weed smoking opens tunnels of ideas in my brain, whether it be a negative or positive one,it all depends on one person who dwells between his own belief from facts and reality.

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