Time to Legalize Ganja? | The True Story that no one talks about | The Deshbhakt with Akash Banerjee

Latest in the Ganja Saga – comedian #BhartiSingh was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau for possessing about 86 grams of weed along with her husband …


  1. Nahi chahiye BC , idhaar sutta nahi chhut raha try karke bhi..aur ek keeda ghus jayega dimaag ke andaar. Economy banana hai toh snapdragon ka chip banao, aur 10 GSLV rocket banao , weed hi kyun chahiye ?

  2. I know many peddlers who sell ganja under police supervision
    Stocks of weed captured is sold in markets by police through these peddlers
    In NCR u will easily find a peddlers every 5 kms3
    12 gaj ka naam sune ho delhi main

  3. Cannabis se HIV ..how can you relate by the way…cannibis is different and no doubt there are pros and cons…but HIV is completely different thing i think so..if something between them.. please enlighten me.

  4. गांजा अफीम आर्युवेदिक दवाई में उपयोग अच्छे है । पर एलोपैथी में सिर्फ केमिकल का उपयोग किया जाता है । जो बहुत ही घातक है पर फार्मेसी वाले को वह सस्ता होता है इसीलिए गांजा अफीम को लिगलाइस नहीं केआर रहे है ।

  5. Dont agree with you for first time. What i concluded for the first time that people who likes your this point of view are as well blind followers.
    Believe me people are going insane after having it.
    Those who take ganja will definitely ask forbrown sugar tmrw

  6. Han shi kh rha Londe tu… apne bete ya beti ko bachpan se pilana tu ye so called good for health Ganja aur fir chilla chilla k bolna public m k ye legalise ho jaye ab because my kids have started taking it… 😄😄😄

  7. Ganja is available in almost every Shiva Mandir and a lot of people smoke openly too. It's kind of part of many community's culture. Personally too I think it doesn't rank up to hardcore drugs….I doubt the addictiveness too…very low… personally thinkinh..than A1 category processed substances.

  8. Bhai LSD bhi kisi time legal tha. LSD bhi kam addictive h alcohol s. Ecstasy bhi kam addictive h alcohol s aur dangerous bhi nahi h. Aapka logic s to phir inko bhi legal Kar Dena chahiye. Jab baba 80s m LSD leta tha, to aaj ke Bollywood m Kya Kya drugs Hain ye guess karna muskil nahi h. Sirf ganja nahi h bht kuch h

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