Transform Vaped Weed Into Cannabis Oil in One Hour

This easy method transforms vaped weed into cannabis oil in one hour. It’s incredibly easy for marijuana patients to make edibles or fill capsules. Buy The …


  1. Nice video, though I have several questions. Could avocado oil be used instead of the coconut oil? I hear avocado oil has high monosaturated fat content that bonds well with cannabinoids and is good for your heart as well. Also, is there a way to do this process sous vide as another commenter mentioned since I want to be relatively discreet doing this process multiple times? Lastly, would water curing the abv affect the taste of the oil in that the final product used in food recipes would not mask the taste of the other ingredients like edibles tend to do? Thank you!

  2. Your story about your injury breaks my heart πŸ™ Have you ever seen a chiropractor? They are miracle workers and pretty sure they could help with your hand strength plus any other issues you have as long as you find a good one. I got lost in this guys channel for hours. Highly recommend you check it out. Thanks for the oil tips and I hope you're able to find some relief eventually.

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