Trimming your Cannabis Plants in Early Flower (Lollipopping) w/Pigeons420

Another beautiful day in the garden! Aside from me breathing into the mic so heavy haha whatcha think? You can follow me at these places sometimes too!


  1. Dude..mine is the same size as that one. Had a string tied to the main branch pulling it to the side to straighten it and i went to move the pot and forgot to remove the string… pulled the whole fkg plant. The roots didnt get exposed out of the soil but im sure they ripped. Fkg plant is in flowering stage right now. About 2 1/2 weeks in. Pistils out and everything. Fakw man do you think it will survive? I replanted as soon as it happened. I’m almost certain the stress will kill it

  2. Just saying every person does it different.. Personally i would take alot more time and go through it and prune it out rather than just ditching 25% of the plant.. Myself i cleared out all fan leafs and kept all branches… along with leafs that wont produce leafs. Thats right i trimmed 98% of leafs and left all the bud sites. Just an algorithm im playing with ill keep posted how it goes. 2 weeks in flower rn

  3. Thank you, I am on my first grow and learning a lot. I was told to lollipop so I YouTubed it and found yours to be good. I am on week one, day 3 of flower and lollipopping so I’m assuming that will still be fine. I am subscribing to keep it going from this step forward. Any recommendations for the next ones to continue with watching?

  4. man this vid makes me feel so much better and i can sleep better tonight. im week 1 in flower for 4 really hearty looking girls, i cut off a couple of shoots that werent going to produce much, and i thought i had stunted my growth or ruined my yield, glad to see i didnt make the wrong choice

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