VIDEO: Democrat state leaders pushing to legalize recreational marijuana

Democrat state leaders are pushing to legalize recreational marijuana this session.


  1. The Marxist masquerading as Democrat Reprsentatives want to put another nail in your coffin ! More criminals will flock to Connecticut as they have done in other States. They will set up shop in your neighborhood and undercut the States price thus controlling the market. The State will not make nearly the amount of money they had hoped and the criminals will go unchecked because marijuana is legal ! Once again Democrats succeed in destroying lives and your home property values ! What a bunch of “Mental Giants” !

  2. Great ! There aren’t enough Morons and Zombies walking the street of Connecticut. How many Politicians and their “lobbyist” pals stand to benefit financially? Now you’ve established a motive for their criminal conspiracy ! How many of these “bums” will do time for their greed ? That’s why they do it regardless of how many lives they destroy. Don’t get mad. Voice your anger so they hear you loud and clear. I’d so vote them out but as you already know that too is “rigged” !

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