Which Shape CUTS BEST? (Weed Eater Line at 100,000 Frames Per Second) – Smarter Every Day 238

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  1. I use Echo Crossfire. I have several packages of it. I have used nearly every brand thats available to me, (in my area of Texas). Also have bought a few off of eBay. After 15 years, I ended up with Echo .95. Also a factor for me is durability and how long it lasts- or how many lawns I can get out of a spool between refills.

  2. Whipper snipper! 😂😂😂 Australia has great names for things

    I say weed eater usually, though I also occasionally say edge trimmer or weed whacker. I'm from central Florida but I recently moved to Michigan so we'll see if my most common term for it changes

  3. I think Robert's wire that he gave you for the experiment is older and has been over exposed to the sunshine, making it stiff like you saw in your test.

    I think lighter wire will save fuel in the yearly view of things, plus I like how quiet the triangular wire is so I'd use the quiet one. Combine it with an electric weed wacker and you have yourself a winner.

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