Why I Quit Smoking Weed…(Marijuana Addiction)

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  1. Weed smokers are upset about people quitting smoking weed, because weed keeps your negative emotions away and makes you into a child of sorts. You never get to deal with the things your psyche has to deal with normally, and the ego tries to protect itself in whatever way it can. Therefore, hostility towards people who quit, or don't talk incredibly highly of it is very common.
    Cannabis is a low vibration plant. You get stuck in lower levels of consciousness if you're stoned 24/7. Like with anything, moderation is key, and over-consumption will lead to certain personality traits becoming more apparent than others.
    Cannabis connects with the reward and pleasure centers of your brain to the extent that you replace love of other things with love for Cannabis.
    Cannabis is an awesome plant that has incredibly many benefits for so many things if you use it right.
    It can also be a massive break, or even a wall on personal development, if you use it too much.
    For some, Cannabis may raise consciousness, it all depends on your current level of understanding of how everything works, and personal development, but for me, and especially when used every day 24/7, it keeps it at a low, where it becomes an escape from my normal state which can be being bombarded with philosophical understandings and metaphors for how various patterns of existence unfold and interact with each other.
    After having done a lot of psychedelics, Cannabis is now incredibly intense and brings on very psychedelic states of mind.
    However, were I to start smoking it all day every day again, it would just make it so my brain slowed down, and the effects which I see as positive effects of it, would nearly completely fade away, and it would once again stunt my growth.

  2. Honestly I was one of the people who initially disliked the original vid and got all defensive only to find out a couple years later that I too was going through addiction towards the weed and I still love it but its gotten to the point where I was able to quit alcohol dispite being a pretty bad alcoholic but now I just can't stop smoking for more then a day because my social anxiety makes me feel like I'm gonna go insane without it

  3. I had a period of ingesting decarbolized weed and hash in food and coffee, after a few weeks I was done, it was just being high and then stoned, with a few stronger highs.
    A few weeks ago I had just one slice of space cake a few days after a few lemon tekked truffle trips and I have never had such a strong and long trip, my senses were burning and oversensitive, my mind felt like an asynchronous smeared out blob and I experienced reality to some extent fractally and my thinking was weird as well.
    Even the next day I still had some effects.

  4. I will share my 2 cents from what I understand, marijuana is a very sacred plant so please don't try to abuse it, there is nothing wrong with the plant think about it why would there be any, its the impurity inside us that becomes the problem, the way I see it now it becomes a process of purifying yourself, meditating, doing yoga, start helping others and start doing more selfless things. Once your chakras start aligning as you improve and become more loving person and start treating the plant with the respect it deserves you will start realising its not the plant but the problem is within you

  5. You're describing more or less my experiences with it. I also stopped multiple times until I finally got to the point where I stopped it completely about 7 years ago. I feel so much better today.

  6. I love weed im exercising much, im productive at work and ich would quit it for lucid dreaming, and i donk think for anything else. I will start lerning it eventually!

  7. I smoke every day. I run a small company and go to uni on the daily. It helps me focus on one thing at the time and shut off the voices in my head telling me to worry about everything else, or stop worrying about literally nothing (anxiety). I start my day with a good bowl to go to class (I study an hour and a half away on bus/metro) which helps me cope with morning crazy commute and stress of public transportation. By the time I get to school, the high has pretty much gone and I'm a great, attentive mood. When I finally get home I will spark up at night with my girl, watch tv, cook and/or just listen to music. Weed has helped me cope with my fast paced lifestyle. On weekends, or if I have absolutely nothing to do, I will smoke for pure joy all day. Just use it mindfully and respectfully. It's the sacred herb after all…

  8. Because drugs are really expensive? £50 a week is a light habit? Anyone who thinks smoking dope is cool is too stoned to get it? You got a family and a bong just doesn't help anymore?

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