Will CBD Improve Your Cycling Performance and Recovery? The Science

Will CBD make you a faster cyclist and improve your recovery? I go into the science to find out as well as address the mislabeling and testing concerns …


  1. What bothers me, at least about THC is, how can getting blazed every day be considered cheating for the purposes of a bike race? Has there ever been a study about the effects of THC on cycling performance? I feel like those rules are old and fuddy duddy nonsense.

  2. I have OA in my metatarsals. The associated inflammation forced me to use a cane when I walked.
    Some days I couldn’t walk at all. I could minimize those bad days with Naproxen.
    I saw that WADA had removed CBD from its list. So, I figured I’d experiment with it.
    After some hits and misses I found a formulation that, when used with naproxen, significantly increased the anti-inflammatory effects. After 3 months I was walking without a cane every day.
    It’s now been almost two years since I started using CBD. I still have OA. But the inflammation is pretty manageable.
    I don’t know about all the recovery time claims. Though I rarely get extremely sore muscles now. But what’s important to me is that I can walk (and even jog a little) and ride my bike as long as I minimize shock to my metatarsals.

  3. Dylan, I’ve spent a long time studying sports science and have come to realize that most popular (as in lay) sources for training advice are, at best, incorrect applications of the science. I just found your videos and after watching a good handful, haven’t found a single thing to criticize. It’s extremely rare that I find a source I believe I can trust fully, but I’ll be sure to check out what you have to say on anything I’m unfamiliar with!

  4. MY CBD EXPERIENCE : I am an old guy (( 57 )) a dedicated roadie , with a LOT of past injuries. …. I have been dosing liquid CBD for 2 weeks now during ride / training ….. I am usually in a constant state of DOMS (( from riding )) and neck shoulder pain (( from a serious fall )) …What I have noticed is…… 1) If its HOT outside it does not feel as hot and if it is cool outside it does not feel as cool (( kind of a very mild analgesic effect )) ….. 2) The best effect of all so far is that after max effort standing hill climbs were I usually suffer from deep soreness for days afterward. I was UN-effected by the max effort climbs with no post ride soreness whatsoever …Granted this is so non scientific and so such as short term anecdotal experience …… The other good thing is I did not experience any negative effects thus far…..Note: I have taken CBD at work and I don't feel so great on it just walking and talking at work I feel a bit of "anxiousness" …..So it is inconclusive in my short term experimentation.

  5. "We've got a break with four CBD athletes, five minutes on the chasers, but will they keep their advantage? Let's see. They're just two miles from the Munchies Zone." And I grin and say thanks, Dylan, for looking into this. It seems to be a top seller at the convenience store, so maybe that's the secret ingredient, convenience.

  6. My wife has a so-far undiagnosed neurological disease that causes amongst other symptoms pain in nearly every muscle of her body and mild buzzing like tremors. Sometimes those symptoms are strong enough to keep her awake at night even though she has taken the prescribed medications. Whenever this happens, she takes some CBD oil, and soon falls asleep. And she’ll sleep the rest of the night afterwards. I believe in that stuff.

  7. I love backwards hat Dylan. 😂 I laugh every time.
    I guess that’s why all the downhillers were so fast back in the day, even though their bikes were crap with today’s standard. It was probably the only doping test they would have failed as well.🤘🤔

  8. I think there's plenty of CBD in the hash I vaped last night 😀 really helps with my training induced restless leg syndrome, muscle soreness, and insomnia without any toxic nastiness. Ridiculous it's on WADAS banned list when it's not exactly performance enhancing, and isn't even toxic. Remember when snowboarder Ross Rebagliati had his Olympic gold medal taken, then they gave it back.

  9. First off have you ever tried it for yourself sure he has his opinion but thats his opinion not yours i took a long time to make the decision to use cbd why because I'm an alcoholic in record 11 +years clean and sober originally started to use cbd when i got off antidepressant effector xr yes doc keept me on way to long side effects of effector xr was worse then what it was to fix so with my doc we tried cbd it took some time to find rite combo but what I get from cbd outways what someone else thinks and in this process I discovered the benefits to my mountain biking yes it improved drastically went from getting my ass kicked to buy ten +minutes to this year podium 2 1st place and 1 2nd place finish so yea do the test yourself to find if it works for yourself you won't know if it works unless you try it me im in and yes cbd saved my ass thanks for your input Dillon but hey I don't go buy science I go buy what it has done for me !!!!! It might not work for you but you will never know if you just go buy what somebody else's opinion is cbd check it out you might just be surprised 😮 😉

  10. Hey Dylan what do you think of trainerroad, they seem like good guys but the plans they make have people doing huge interval workouts 5 times a week! everyone i know who used TR has said how burnt out they got and never finished a plan fully without missing lots of workouts in the back half.

  11. Hi Dylan, with regards of the lockdown and the races being postponed and cancelled, what training do you recommend that we do now? I have just finished my build training plan, 1 month. I did 2 months of base before that. I am starting a recovery week, but I had planned to start the specialty plan afterwards. As it was supposed to be mid season now. Shall I continue with build, or start all over with base? I suppose there will be at least 2 months notification before the races are restarted – enough time to do a 1m base and 1m specialty phases.

  12. Another good one Dylan! I am grateful that broad spectrum/low THC CBD gave my step-daughter 8+ more years of her life, off seizure medications, no longer needing a feeding tube and decreased seizures by the hundreds. It also has allowed me to stop taking RX pain killers that destroyed my stomach so I can live life with less pain after multiple surgeries related to work injuries that forced me into retirement. Does it improve my performance? No, training does but the pain in my knees and shoulders (bilateral menisectomies and rotator cuff tear surgeries) is greatly reduced and allows me to ride further, longer and for multiple days. No all producers are the same and people need to know what they are buying, where did the hemp come from, what is the content, 3rd party testing, etc.. I have seen CBD with high and low concentrations of THC help people with many ailments and allow them to live a life they would not be able to. Hemp has a long history and adding some content to this video about why it was 'demonized' would shed light on why there has not been testing or studies until recently. Dosing is very individualized and people using CBD should use the minimum effective dose.

  13. Overall I really enjoy your videos. Your insight into the sport as a whole and the humour that BHD brings are very entertaining. It would be nice, however, if you occasionally came to a definitive conclusion on a topic.

  14. The fundamental problem with CBD in its traditional form is that it is fat-soluble, which results in very low efficacy and difficulty with the correct dosage for PO administration. On the other hand, CBD-containing creams are effective for local transcutaneous administration, which makes them a good candidate for treating exercise-induced joint pain and muscle aches. Also, CBD in a nano-encapsulated form is suitable both for local and systemic administration and has a six to ten-fold increase in efficacy compared to the native form. Unfortunately, most US CBD vendors either have no idea, or no technology to produce nanoencapsulated CBD.

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