'80s Anti-Drug Commercial – Pot

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America shows us what our brains become on pot!


  1. The Pot PSA's gotta go. Its a wonderful plant with many many benifits for many illnesses and resources with little to no harmful side effects. Can you say that about Painkillers, Asprin, Tylenol, Xanax, Colonopin, Vicodin, Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil??? Pot can replace all these drugs for many people but since companys cant patent biology they want to keep it illegal. Thats not mentioning paper industry fiber cotton bio diesel its insane its illegal its just gross.

  2. To answer what you said about ADD meds, for me, it didn't work. It just made me laugh a lot & not want to do anything. (BTW, I'm not saying that no one should smoke pot. I'm just saying that it wasn't for me.)

  3. …so they made a 14 year old smoke pot to "collect" data?
    What a bunch of assholes!
    (FYI i know this commercial was exaggerating the effects of weed)
    fun fact : they pulled this commercial fast for being falsified 😛

  4. lmao seriously!!? …yes it makes relaxing feel better but people dont realize that you can actually do a lot when your high…i took a college calculus exam stoned and i aced it….this commercial is a joke. It is more dangerous to drink diet soda loaded with chemicals than to smoke a natural herb that has existed for a very long time….

  5. Why make a useless commercial on hash and its completely harmless coz I do it and it doesnt do anything except relax u but yet alcohol is the worst and so many crimes have occured because people er the influence of it and

  6. It may be so that I'm not using my brain when I smoke a bowl.
    But I like being stupid for an hour. My brain deserves a vacation.
    And weed is that vacation :3

  7. Funny thing is how counter-productive these commercials end up being. When kids find out about the blatant exaggerations (and outright lies) in them, the next logical thought is "Well what else have they been lying about?"

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