Companion Planting, Permaculture – Cannabis Pest Control 101

Learn About Companion Plants, The Benefits Of Permaculture For Your Cannabis, And Their Ability To Control Pests In Your Garden. What Are The Best Indoor …


  1. Bro. Can you explain how do these plants help the soil if you say to plant them in a different container? I’m growing indoors and was thinking of planting in the same pot as the cannabis to improve the medium. But if I plant in a different pot and place next to it I don’t see how that’s beneficial to the soil. Please help

  2. Permaculture!? uh oh your starting to sound like them. Great video though I was thinking of throwing some of the other kind of herbs in the tent.

  3. If you ever update this video, my questions are: Can you clarify which of these make more sense to use for an indoor grow or an outdoor grow? For container gardening, do the plants need to be in the same container? (I know that for alfalfa, they do.) Which of these plants can handle a 25 hour vegetative photo-period when using an indoor grow? Which plants can handle lower light conditions, if one wanted to use them as an under-canopy plant for a tent grow? etc.

  4. can we plant companion crops in a 7 gal container? even the ones you said to plant at the edge? or is this like a giant planter box set up? i was gonna grow a seed in a red solo cup for a month then transplant into a 7 gal

  5. As a beekeeper and grower, I dont see the added benefit of attracting bees on a plant we DONT want to cross pollinate. However, bee hives make a great deterrent for human pests πŸ˜‰

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