Missouri Marijuana Legalization in 2018, could be a thing

Missouri has 22 ballad proposals towards legalizing marijuana. We found an article from St. Louis public radio, About the legalization of marijuana. 2018 could …


  1. if we get marijuana legal in Missouri then new doors will open for medical reasons money reasons and new ideas people from all over the u.s. come in and out of Missouri and Kansas for fun and some…..and yes even stars…. so spread the word to help Missouri make marijuana legal weed need it

  2. "Not so long ago man lived in harmony as hunter-gatherers maintaining healthy well-being and healing with plants in harmony with nature. We did not need the use of chemicals, poisons, pesticides, and altered genetics to grow and maintain our food supply. It is time to return to balance well-being and living long lives with choices available when it comes to our body!" – Valerie Cheers Brown

  3. And right next door Kansas zero tolerance get caught with a little roach you get a felony and sent up shit creek missiour you still get a $500 fine or jail time if you been in trouble before depends on the persons record

  4. Dear God its about time. Fight the real war on drugs big pharma and street dealers pushing poisonous narcotics. Marijuana is more good than evil and needs to be reclassified. Decriminalize marijuans please it just makes good sense

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