REPUBLICAN Voters Support the MORE Act (Cannabis Legalization)

2 out of 3 REPUBLICAN Voters Support the MORE Act (Cannabis Legalization) Support My Channel on Patreon: …


  1. we've come a long way since i became a cannabis activist 21 years ago.

    re: "2 out of 3 REPUBLICAN Voters Support the MORE Act (Cannabis Legalization)"

    wasn't like that when i started.

  2. Republican voters want to end abortion. That's all they care about. That's why they want a republican President – to only appoint judges that will overturn Roe v Wade. They don't care about cannabis prohibition and they don't want to end oppression of minorities.

  3. The poll numbers are what they are. You don't get to adjust them because you just "feel" that the number is wrong.
    Wake up and realize that all republican politicians represent only their own interests and the interests of the big money donors that own them. Ever since the citizen united ruling we have the best government money can buy.

  4. Honestly I feel like the whole republican vs. Democrats thing is really just a part of a bigger scheme to keep us divided… for example the majority of Americans have been taught to see Republicans as money hungry racist and democrats as spend happy hippies… and that we all fall somewhere along one or the other side of that line, when clearly the actual line is the devide between the rich and the poor… I was actually having this argument with an old white man that happens to be my coworker and doesn't understand that he's just as much a slave as I am because we both work for the same master… he took such offense to the idea of being a slave because he thought of slavery as blacks picking cotton in a field…unfortunately he doesn't realize that as a member of the working class, you're still very much a slave… only getting to choose your plantation or plantations because we ( of the working class ) all slaves to or possessions… ( workin to pay for this, workin to pay for that… meanwhile our entire annual salaries are just considered operational cost to the master)… racial inequalities are very much so real but also the greatest Jedi mind trick ever pulled on the American people… because because all peasants are seen the same by the elite

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