VivoSun Grow Tent Exhaust fan and Carbon Filter kit growing cannabis for Beginners

VivoSun Grow Tent Exhaust fan and Carbon Filter kit growing cannabis for Beginners. Unbox and review of the 4″ vivosun exhaust fan and carbon filter kit. this is …


  1. Sadly I won’t buy anything from Vivosun ever again no matter how cheap or good people say a product is, I went through close to a month of hell with their customer service over a defective grow tent. In the end Amazon sent me a full refund and probably billed Vivosun a fortune to mail it back when all they had to was refund me or send another tent to make me happy.
    Anyway, I love your videos brother.

  2. Sup GT Crazy. The 48 hour question was exactly my question. What timing. So I probably put 3 of my 5 auto blue amnesias in the dark a little to early. It's a 65-70 day strain and day 70 is Wed Nov 11th. Do I now have to leave them in the dark until I cut 'em? Looked milky when I put 'em in but maybe could have gotten more frost. Would I want to put them back in the 18/6 cycle to try and finish. Will it hurt them or make 'em do something funny? Would it matter because they are auto flowers? Do I wanna give 'em a sip of water? Hmmmm…Got time and advice anyone, anyone….Bueller. Sorry if I'm not supposed to ask general questions and sorry if this gets answered during the video. My apologies if it's bad manners. The ones in the dark (3 out of 5) will hit 48 hours tonight (Sat) at 8pm Hawaii Time which will be 1am ET/10pm PT. Mahalo. That fan is tight. Looks as light as AC Infinity. Merry Christmas man. Cam is nice!

  3. This is funny. My wife told me just last night that i have to do something about the smell going on in the house. She's pissed that she can smell it in the closet on the opposite side of the house. The filter i have is a pos. I'll check these guys out. Thx GT

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