10 Uncommon Ways to Improve Your Diet & Health in 2021 You Never Heard

John from shares 10 uncommon ways you can use to improve your diet in 2021 You never heard. In this episode, John will share 10 …


  1. in 2021, I'm planning to try the squat technique + vacuum seal my blends for storage. Also, if you have an opinion on benefits of standing/treadmill desks, maybe you could mention that in one of your future videos? Thanks! Love all your videos; they're an inspiration to me

  2. Definitely doing the following:
    -Juicing more consistently and continuously
    -Currently growing Red Russian Kale and Turnip greens (TY GYG)
    -Drinking the low surface tension water
    -Incorporating Spirulina as a daily supplement and using seaweed in my garden

  3. I would love to see a video about the topic you mentioned of going out to the wild to harvest seeds or transplant a plant into your garden. I think that is a great topic that could take a whole video. I would enjoy tips on what to pick, how to transplant and where to find wild plants to cultivate. Maybe a better video for your Growing Your Greens page but I think it could make some great content! Especially now that big expos and traveling is limited
    I’ve tried with Dandelion and Mulberries but have not yet been successful. Also some weeds like Lambs Quarter grow in my garden and I try to cultivate the beneficial weeds that I find in the garden as well

  4. Damn…Why did you have to say most foods we get "even if it's organic" doesn't have sufficient minerals!!!?? That's not what I was ready to hear. Especially since I juice everyday I eat tons of fruits and vegetables, all organic, I hope I'm getting something out of all of this!! You've got a Great garden John,!!! Thanks for all you put out there for us!! But please say organic foods have something in them we can use!

  5. Nice tips, John. As far as the whole urine thing goes, you're even saving water by doing that which you said. I often don't use a toilet to urinate, but rather a mason jar or other container and then pour it on or near bushes, trees, etc. so that I'm not wasting water by flushing an additional 6-10 times a day. Just need to rinse the jar out 1-2 times a day and it uses 1/100 of the water used to flush all those times.

    Here's an issue I have with vacuum blenders. When I make a smoothie, it's a BIG smoothie. I need the tamper to push the stuff down otherwise it won't blend. I'm talking bananas, kale, spinach, frozen berries all packed into my blender (a Vitamix). I guess the only way to solve this problem would be to make smaller smoothies. I do have a vaccuum blender top with carafe. It's just that there's not as much efficiency when you can't push things down towards the blade IMO.

    I'm also surprised you didn't mention DHA supplements like algae in this video. I take astaxanthin every day (8mg) and it's been great to me. Been doing that for years.

  6. I appreciate you for sharing your knowledge with all of us John thank you. I am going to get a slow juicer to improve my health, and also source a higher quality of food. I am going to start growing my own greens ❗️🌱🥬

  7. Happy 2021, John! You are my inspiration! I’ve been eating plant based for a few years now and I would like to start eating more raw this year🤩 Thank you for all the tips and for all you do❤️🙏🏻✨

  8. Hey tip I like the most is adding archaea not sure where to get that though "dark matter" scarce in these parts as far as I know also will use supplements B12 doctor ordered green juice adding beet crystals what for nitrogen or whatever thanks John love the background looks tiered not?!

  9. Do you recommend making PINEAPPLE VINEGAR (incl Mexican TEPACHE) and do you think it is as good (or better) than the APPLE CIDER vinegar you rave about? Good way to make greater use (less waste!) of PINEAPPLE. Demo?

  10. Should folks take advantage of less outdoor activity and HIBERNATE and FAST like bears and many other animals — and event plants — do in extreme temperatures ( aestivation-hot weather / hibernation-cold weather ) ?

  11. Great tips John! Question for you, have you ever consumed or experimented with black cumin seed? I have heard it is very high in antioxidants and very beneficial. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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