4 Fundamental Tips For Growing Cannabis Outdoors – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

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  1. my grow is at 8200 ft up in the high rocky mt my first grow was in 1973 in lake tahoe at 6200 ft doing fine but this year we had 20in of snow early fall on them and went own to 23 lost big time but it still was a good year

  2. My boy said "I've had chip n dales nibble at my plants 😂😂😂 its chipmunks my guy chipmunks 🤦🏾‍♂😂😂😂😂 I knew what you meant though lmao pass that shit

  3. Everything you said man are good tips trey i also include these to my grow outside i dont make my plants become trees cause yup theu will be used by muthanature..so i grow them in width in fabric pots they work well outside aswell….good vid man

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