Alan Park ~ Cures Cancer ~ RSO Hemp Oil

Alan Park is a Canadian comedian and political satirist best known for his appearances on the Royal Canadian Air Farce. Special thanks to Russell Barth for this …


  1. You fellas mentions that there was one women( Michelle) that wasn't heeled by her RSO? This is so very sad and she may have simply missed the one critical step in Decarboxylation. It is so very critical that you slow cook at temperatures between 220 and 260 for a period of an hour and a half after Alcohol is boiled of to a slurry in rice cooker. Decarboxylation is where the THCA is converted to THC and CBDA is converted to CBD/CBN this is the code that unlocks our natural receptors CB-1 CB-2. Some say that our bodies will naturally convert to THC and CBD but the proven RSO included this final procedure. One Love.

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