Antidepressants Make it Harder to Empathize, Harder to Climax, and Harder to Cry. | Julie Holland

Antidepressants Make it Harder to Empathize, Harder to Climax, and Harder to Cry. Watch the newest video from Big Think: Join Big …


  1. Very true.. i lost passion i felt like Zombi.
    Cipralex takes the stress away.but i discovered stress was a good thing as it motivates me.. no sadly i have no motivation at all.. i hate the day i started Cipralex

  2. 4 mins & all I can say is: as a dude that I WANT to lack things like emotion, empathy, pain, etc. I've always wondered how I can trigger my brain off these things. Even if it meant cutting a piece of my own brain out. These things are distraction from making money. I think I'll continue taking the Celexa

  3. Yes I will medicating myself to be invulnerable not because I don’t want to be so empathetic anymore but because too much empathy can get in your way for doing things to help. How are going to be able to help people you empathize with us if you’re feeling so much pain for their pain that it makes you physically sick instead of using empathy to motivate you to help them. Too much emotions and too much empathy is not always good. Ask me as I am a highly sensitive person!

  4. Bullshit… I'm taking sertraline since a year and my current dosage is 150mg. I didn't had any strong side effects, I don't feel like a zombie and I have feelings (I'm finally happy). Yes… I'm still suffering from depression, but I feel much better and Setraline (aka Zoloft) really saved my life. If you're considering taking antidepressants please make an appointment with your GP and don't be affraid to ask for help. Watching videos like this one may only prevent you from getting better… I saw similar video last year and if not my psychiatrist, I'd still believe in myths related to antidepressants and there's a chance I would be dead by now…

  5. Antidepressants by nature create psychopaths.. they arent healthy or a good way of dealing with issues but hey.. they are sold and the world is about making $$ right

  6. I think a lot of those reactions she talked about are the people who don’t truly need to be on them. She had stated if you can’t out of bed and go to workers then yes take them but she’s worried about abs explaining those who are just getting on so they can have a super power pretty much.

  7. She is definitely not wrong about them. Daily exercise, music, and CBT were really helpful for my problems. But they are a good last resort if they work for some individuals. I certainly wouldn't go to them first though.

  8. I am experiencing all of these limiting things. I have successfully been taking Zoloft for two years now. It really pulled me from a nightmare depression. However my insurance was canceled and I was forced to be without my medication for a little over two weeks. Because I thought the Zoloft was the number 1 thing for my recovery and a crucial part of me having a good life I was really looking forward to getting my insurance back and going to the doctor again. I’m on day three of taking Zoloft again, and I’m starting to question my emotions. I feel slightly agitated. I feel like nothing is good enough and I should be doing more. My husband should be doing more. Whereas in those two weeks of not being medicated, I was able to relax and see the bigger picture of things. I was able to empathize more with my husband, whom which is an amazing man. I was able to cry for the first time in a long time, and sex was something really enjoyable for me again.
    Yes celexa and Zoloft were both amazing amazing stepping stones to get me where I am today. I am very thankful for them. However I just don’t believe they are a good fit for me anymore. Please pray for me that I have the strength, wisdom, and confidence to realize I truly do not need them anymore. It’s scary to let go of something like this. It’s like trying to get across the country…you drive halfway, and it worked great. Then you realize you don’t like to go that fast so you decide to walk so you don’t miss out on anything. It may be more challenging. But your sure you won’t miss out on anything.

  9. Taking an SSRI for seven months was the worst thing I've ever done. Once I forced myself to deal with the intense withdrawls and come off of them, I started to call them poison. Glad they work for some, but I tried two and they almost made me suicidal.

  10. Iv been so happy on my meds but now started reconsidering them since im experiencing too much hair loss… my baulding doesnt look right. Now this video is making sense… ssri's will numb u to negative emotions but those feelings r there to warn us when somethig isnt right.

  11. They work incredibly well for the people who NEED them, and don’t for the people who have mild fleeting symptoms of depression or anxiety. They’re being overprescribed, that’s the problem. You should be thoroughly studied and diagnosed by a psychiatrist before going on them.

  12. Cannabis is my mental health savior. I microdose( 2mg-5mg) and it fills me with empathy, gratitude, compassion, and love. Normally I am an anxious, overthinking, depressed woman.

  13. Right… Avoid antidepressants which enhance social resilience because “Big Think” presumes “being able to cry” is more of a “valid state” than being able to put food on the table, function effectively as a human and not want to kill yourself. I’m just so please another liberal female “Expert” advocates for smoking cannabis over taking mental health issues seriously, especially if the medications improve your mechanism of social adaptation and enhance your opportunities to succeed.

  14. That's the point. Sometimes life gets to hard to manage your natural emotions. The answer isn't always more empathy and connecting. Theres times when you need to diconect from people in your life, stay with yourself. Think. Restrqucture, reshape and organise your thoughts. If your neurons basiccaly feel like they're on fire and you can't focus for 2 goodamn minutes. Yes. It's important to reach out, but it's just as important to reach in. I used to need tons of drugs to face what's inside me. No I don't. A bit of emotional disconnection and looking at the problems rationally and logically can do wonders too. This lady is fucking idiot and doesn't understand how emotional problems work.

  15. Hard to come off this poison . These pills effect eyesight and raise cholesterol . Wish I'd never started and I've only been on them three months and now have to taper of cos had withdrawal.

  16. I have anxiety… bad bad anxiety probably due to the feeling of never feeling enough. Grew up with a depressed mom, in my memories she was always laying down on bed. So at 24 I developed panic attacks, I've been on xanax and zoloft and o felt dead…. horrible. In my case I faced the past, the demons and the resentment. I am now living day by day no meds. in my case meds have been HELL. Therapy, support, better diet and forgiving even forgiving myself has worked.

  17. It was being emotional and empathizing that got me into depression in the first place. I'm done. Now I can flip the script in my own life and not deal with people who preyed on my state.

  18. Fuck em all, they gave me zoloft when I was 7 and now I have anxiety. But ya know what? I'd rather have up and down days than dull myself. I don't wanna die, I just might not care if it came either. Sadness is not something we need to suppress, just understand and talk through. That shit works for some people I guess but not for me, nothing. Weed works better than all of it.

  19. I learned it when I was 13, I told my pgychiatrist or whatever he was that I had valid reasons for feeling bad. I was fat, my dad bought us only second hand clothes, and we were poor.

    They just gave me a higher prescription when I told them, the easy answer is for me to have someone to support me and get out of my hole. The pills don't make you happy, they make you not care.

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