Blue Dream Medical Marijuana Tincture

A Brief Over Of The Strain Blue Dream Filtering The Tincture Let sit from January 26′ th till February 21-st Can let sit longer 6 – 8 weeks if desired. I am doing this …


  1. Hey you should check out my moon rock cannabis review just released it’s my first time trying it I got a bunch of strains shatters and hashes u may like to plus I do rap news today is rip pop smoke and more u might like

  2. When my mom was dying of cancer her doctor ask me if she would smoke Marijuana, I ask her when we got home from the doctors office and she said no , I called the doctor and he had the Marijuana pills sent to her , they did help her feel better but she was to far gone .

  3. Nice! Have you ever tried Golden Goat, TrainWreck, or White Widow? Those are amazing as well. The WW is an amazing body high. Golden Goat gave me the giggles but was also heavy on creating long thought process. Trainwreck for me was extremely creativity-inducing.

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