Can Psychedelics Make You Less Depressed?

Going on a shroom, DMT or acid trip may not sound like a conventional therapy session, but there’s a psychedelic revolution going on in the world of mental …


  1. People don't know the real history that's been covered up. Drugs was a key factor in the destruction of the richest and most powerful nations on earth at several points in history. Every world leader who's been exposed to complete history are paranoid about allowing drugs. I wouldn't dismiss them so easily though, science and medicine may change, but people never change.

  2. Yes physidslics " wake " you up . But it's still a drug. I agree that weed etc should be legalised for economic purposes , it's also the least harmful out all the drugs ! But it should be relegated . Children can't have etc . i think there should be a limit of how much you can buy a month because people will abuse this like any other drug

  3. Abhorrent. The feds prevented the tortured souls [diagnosed with PTSD, schizophrenia, depression, heroin addiction, etc.] who served during the Vietnam War from accessing psychedelic therapy. I know you’re at peace now Uncle Louis. I’ll miss and love you forever. 🦋

  4. The world became aware of the power of LSD in 1943? lol! Yeah, say that to the tribes of the world who have been using some powerful sht for 100's if not 1000's of years!

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