Cannabis Late Flowering – Tips and Tricks to Increase Quality! Grow at Home? This is Why!

Only days away from harvest now the Gorilla Breath looks amazing. I break down a few things, like why to grow your own.


  1. But hell 10 zips a plant is damn good esp. with such a cheap set up, I can only imagine if your buds were reaching to the sky praying to the gods man… that was 30 Ozs total off of those three plants?? great job bro, what do I know, but I suggest you give it a try and see if you just might get13-16 ozs per plant.. great job man.

  2. Buds look quality for sure, but why put a trellis if you're going to let your flowers flop over like that?? It is not the same as a big outdoor plant that just flops over when it gets too big, and for cannabis even outdoor you do not let buds just flop like that… You're diminishing your yield big time. I'm not a master grower I'm obviously here to learn new things like everyone, but I've got about 10 years into this grow life. First my own three light home grow, then four and then 6 back when everyone using HIDs and magnetic ballasts, after that 2 buddies and I rented some land and a warehouse with 70 45 Gal pots outdoors, (couldn't plant directly into the ground unfortunately, and we had a pretty late start that season), The warehouse had 4 flower rooms with 40 lights total I believe, and then all of my buddies were getting in on the ground floor when it became medicinal in Las Vegas so I am her now growing personally and commercially. I do not want to come off as a know it all, but please next time you're plants are flopping over add another layer of trellis and feed the buds through to keep them from flopping.. Shoot get some string and ghetto rig it. Whatever works, but I wanna see you pull 50% more of those gorgeous buds man, and you absolutely can. Big love man sorry for the long message, but thats just my opinion on how to maximize your yield.. Good luck brudduh and beautiful buds.

  3. Shit, atleast you guys have the option to hit a dispensary. Not to mention the fact that your legally obliged to actually grow your own plants. Wisconsin sucks ass….

  4. I've got 7 girls getting ripe.. first indoor garden. I can't believe the results I'm getting.. I'm hooked for life. Thanks for the tips.. I use string and thumbtacks in the ceiling to keep my buds standing up. Some people use yo-yos. I like to save money lol. Thanks again

  5. Sorry..I would lose my job.!!!…if we EVER FLOWERED OUT A PLANT LIKE THAT..I will try to have someone. Help you get to the next level. And I should get almost 2 pounds in a 4×4 with one of your planters.. please Master your Craft.

  6. Yo… how it GROWING…I have been growing for years. And you still a couple things a touch off..your trellis net could be a lot wider. And grow with you one of your planters in a 3×3 for 15oz. You should training to your girls. They will love it. Plus you will get more even par out of your lights. You know your $@#.. and I hope youtuber's. Start being worth the thumbs up. Show real heathly all the tricks. When I go to "work " or any of my Grow Bro's gardens. The plants DO NOT LIKE THAT…I WORK WITH AND SEE HUNDREDS OF PLANTS DAILY. Us in the business want to laugh with you and at you..

  7. Started growing 3 month ago thanks to this channel.about to harvest my first crop in the next 2 weeks.thanks for all your valuable info and time you put into this channel.

  8. I got my Illinois medical card. The two main reasons that I started growing was retail costs and my local dispensary being out of product that I like. Also the fact I love growing pot. Last time I did some home growing was 85 when I still lived in Cali.

  9. The statement about the dispensaries is SO true! They are greedy, money hungry tyrants! Found a seed in the last $75 8th I got from an IL dispensary….I'll stick to growing my own. Great video! Thanks for the knowledge.

  10. hey im a rockwool grower im having trouble with very end flavor the first part is great the back end not so much i flushed over a week changing it three times during should i just let them eat the last bit of nuits or go longer any ideas would help other than that its on point

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