Cannabis Legalization News – the STATES Act – June 2018

the STATES Act is the newest congressional effort to bring back sense to the nation’s marijuana laws, so the businesses could actually get a bank account. the …


  1. As a South Dakota resident I do NOT like the STATES act b/c I live in one of the last 3 states (South Dakota, Nebraska, & Idaho) that are completely "dry" & our state is the worst. Yet, drinking here is HUGE (I mean HUGE…HUGE), even among people in "power". The hypocrisy is undeniable. THE "UNITED" STATES SHOULD ALL BE LEGALIZED.

    If it's left up to the states South Dakota will lag. If South Dakota chooses to lag behind I foresee an exodus of residents to other states, which considering our whole STATE POPULATION is only 882,235 that would be an economic problem. Or people would ignore the laws & continue to smoke & our state would look foolish to the rest of the country by what they do to cannabis smokers. Either way this state is being ridiculously ignorant & hypocritical. Not to mention that the capital of our whole "united" states is "FULLY LEGAL", the very place where they play w/ our lives…."FULLY LEGAL": SEE FOR YOURSELF:

    It's a plant that doesn't have to be touched by human hands & altered, like alcohol, to give it's affects. It was born & bred to do what it does, naturally. A person could walk through a field of this, pluck a leaf, let it have it's affects, & walk away unscathed. A person could sit down after the ingestion & contemplate their life without the amygdala on fire. You can't get that from alcohol, nor even some pills the government allows w/o a flair up of the amygdala. It doesn't make one's head a spinning, loopy mess (like alcohol), instead it's a mental "chill"; it doesn't make one violent (like alcohol), instead it creates a peaceful mind; there's no next day hang over (like alcohol) & the body even allows it to stay in the system for 30+ days w/ no major psycho-active affects…. & it has medicinal qualities (UNlike alcohol).

    What is the real grievance w/ this naturally earth grown plant? A person cannot say there isn't enough evidence out there on the plant. It's been around for eons & people know, damn well, it's affects. All the government would have to do is get the information from the individual states who allow it & there's your findings. OR they could take a look at the comprehensive report done on cannabis in 1938! 1938! 1938! to 1944! (5 years of research!!!!) by New York's then mayor, Fiorello La Guardia, which blew Anslinger's philosophy out of the water: "there's no proof that it leads to violence nor addiction" & that it even has "possible therapeutic applications".

    See the report for yourself, the whole report:

    Grass is Greener:

    "Scientist had confirmed that cannabis was not at all the evil that Anslinger made it out to be."

    "Psychiatrist & sociologists from 1936 on, knew that there was nothing wrong w/ this weed & that it's much worse if you're drinking alcohol, than if you're smoking a little reefer." The government was "ignoring the science & ignoring the research" "When they could actually use science, they chose propaganda." Then again in 1970! 1970! 1970! Nixon's signing of the Control Substances Act via his, now well known, paranoia, cannabis was put on schedule 1. Nixon then commissioned a report to investigate the dangers of cannabis. "The results of the report proved him wrong & it's finding were so controversial that 3 of its authors held a live televised event to share the truth with the public." : "THE SHAFER REPORT: WHAT TO DO ABOUT MARIHUANA" (put together by the Shafer Commission) Which paralleled the La Guardia commission's findings. The Shafer report was trying to demythologize the drug. "Unfortunately, b/c marijuana has become politicized, the realities have become blurred." Instead of following the advice of the report, which recommended decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana Nixon doubled down & opposed efforts to legalize marijuana & imposed, instead, new mandatory tough penalties.

    See the report for yourself, the whole report:

    Don't want to read it? Here's the 4 part series of the same thing:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

    As a tax paying citizen of the State of South Dakota I am FOR it's LEGALIZATION. I may not be able to smoke it b/c of our state laws, but I do have the right to speak up about my views…& I'm not alone…

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