Cannatrol: The Best Dry & Cure Solutions for Your Cannabis

Cannatrol founders David and Jane Sandelman introduce the Cannatrol, “Cool Cure Box” using Vaportrol technology, a touch screen control and can hold up to …


  1. Another thing I must add I called cannatrol and talked to one of the owners Jane I do believe and very very nice people and will explain any thing you want to know they aren’t just trying to sell you something like a sales pitch really this machine is really good anyone who buys it won’t regret it I’m a very pleased customer.

  2. We have recently purchased one of these and boy you wanna talk about making the flower smell really good and smooth and tasty . We are very pleased . You can put up to 4lbs line dried in it to cure out I’m gonna try the whole process soon dry to cure . But anyways we like it enough we’re gonna be purchasing another one soon just for storage

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