CBD Misinformation: Dosing

The drastic differences between the doses of CBD utilized in studies, compared to what CBD companies are “recommending” is beyond ridiculous! Is your low …


  1. I started trying different forms of cbd because I suffer from chronic fatigue. First i tried capsules and felt nothing. Then I tried full spectrum tincture and got no benefit. Then i tried 4:1 vape and got results. High, yes, but a very relieving high. Then i used 5:1, 8:1 & 18:1 vapes. The dose? All but the 18:1 i would vape until i was as high as i wanted to be, obviously vaping more of each one with lower thc amount. Sorry, i didn't write down how many hits of each. All were very helpful, but i was worried about losing my job, so i switched to making my own vape juice from isolate. To be honest, i get the most benefit from this, although, when I'm on vacation i use it in conjunction with thc and get the best relief that way. My recipe is 4000mg cbd isolate to 100ml juice. That's 40mg cbd per 1ml. I've only tried adding terpenes from one crappy company, and haven't tried adding different terps again yet. Cbdistillery works best. Cycling frog is ok, but not as effective. I stick with cbdistillery isolate and vape anywhere from 2-3 ml a day. It's expensive, but it helps a lot most days. When the fatigue is at its very worst it still helps, just not as noticeable as other days. So that's vaping 40-120mg cbd a day. I can't at work, but the rest of the time it's constant vaping now. The fatigue comes with other nasty symptoms like confusion, dry mouth, burning eyes, bruising knuckles… list goes on and on. The effects seem to last about 3 hours from the time i stop vaping, and it takes a bit before i feel its effects when i start. I might not have it down to an exact science, but this method does work for me, and it's effects after vaping are far pronounced past placebo. The 4:1, 8:1, & 18:1 vapes were care by design. The 5:1 was delta 9. The tincture was releaf 30:1, 900mg. Capsules were care by design. I could care less if it's cbd or something else that helps me as long as i don't get hooked on it. If something better presents itself, or my chronic illness just goes away then I'll stop using cbd vape altogether, but until then it works for me.

  2. 18:56 It does talk about dosing "CBD was well tolerated across a wide dose range upto 1500 mg/day (orally), with no reported psychomotor slowing, negative mood effects or vital sign abnormalities notes."

  3. Fuck cbd oils and isolate! Pure flower is the way to go.

    For 500$ you can get 1lb of charlotte's sauce weed.

    1 gram = 18,3% cbd (183mg/g)

    1 lb = 82350mg cbd

    300mg/day = 274 days for 500$ (1,8$/day)

    600mg/day = 137 days for 500$ (3,7$/day)

    1200mg/day = 68 days for 500$ (7,4$/day)

    At these prices most people should be able to afford

    this medicine at the correct dosage.

    If smoking isn't an option then you can just make your

    own full spectrum tincture with the weed. It will cost

    a little more than if your just smoking it but it will

    still be way cheaper than buying the oil.

  4. You could buy two 30ml bottles of 1500mg full spectrum CBD tincture. Take 10ml out of each bottle and put in an empty dropper bottle. So now you'd have three bottles with 20ml of 1500mg CBD tincture. Then add 10ml of home made cannabis coconut oil to each bottle of CBD tincture because small amounts of THC help the CBD work better. Now you have 3 full 30ml bottles of 2:1 ratio CBD to THC. Shouldn't get you crazy stoned but it really helps to have slightly more THC in your CBD tinctures than the usual .03% allowed. 😁 Those 3 bottles would last me about 2-3 months if I only take half a dropper full twice a day. Sure it can get costly but worth it to save your lungs and have an effective product/medicine. Obviously don't add any cannabis coconut oil if you plan on getting drug tested. 😀

  5. Gave my sister cbd she wasent watching and the dogs got ahold of it and wasent a few minets they where come way come they are normaly allover the place but not after they got a hold of the cbd😁

  6. I've been checking for anxiety, although it is said that the effect of anxiety is minimised on a U curve at ~400 to 600 mg of CBD there is no research that I've found that says that low doses of CBD does NOT improve anxiety. It should be less effective but it still should have an effect (need more research to prove it). Also would like to see if a mix of low THC and high CBD is better for anxiety. I've found some documents saying that THC in low doses (<7.5 mg) can actually be beneficial for anxiety.

  7. It’s interesting how small your overall views are compared to “proponents”.

    Even though you have the most views and speak the truth. Guess shows what pays.

    Good job making good content.

  8. There is a big difference between cancer patients and anxiety patients.

    And if you have body pain, there are topicals for that. Not all topicals are the same. There is also indica, and sativa. So there is more to learn. Medical journals won't help those who do not have the same illness. Listen to those with similar issues as yourself for product recommendations: Then decide your dosage for yourself. Some should mix the isolate into their full spectrum oil.

  9. Keep in mind that the oil is not CBD. CBD is the compound mixed into an oil. The oil = hemp, marijuana, mct, or coconut oil. And weight does not determine dosage. It's age and illness. Plus not everyone has the same severity. And other compounds help… THC, CBG, terpenes, etc. You can not speak for everyone. You make too many assumptions. Anyway, you can call some of those people on the telephone and discuss it with them.. you are interpreting them with you non experienced, or non medical background.. to speak for all.

  10. Do you see any reason not to just get some hemp buds, saute them in olive oil and eat the whole thing? It seems like it would be allot cheaper than buying CBD oil or concentrate. Is CBD heat activated? Is THC heat activated?

  11. Have you considered organisations like Aunt Zelda's? They are a data-driven cannabis company that personalise dosage and medicine. I haven't tried them, nor am I affiliated with them in anyway. I'm curious to see if such an approach works.

  12. You are so right, I have trigeminal neuralgia and MS and regular CBD dosage don't work for me , at the price of CBD gor my usage I am now going to try ozone therapy for $400 for 6 most for pain.

  13. Have you ever just taken 1 hit from a joint? Did you still feel the effect? How many mils of THC CBD is in that 1 hit? Not much. Certainly not 50mil . I doubt it's even 5 mil. But it's effects can be felt. Historically before the 1930s when it was sold and used as a medicine again you never seen high dosages either.
    The reason you see such high dosages in studies is multiple. If CBD is taken orally only a fraction of it makes it through the liver into the blood. Researchers know this. Another reason is they are searching for side effects. others is they are biased and searching for areas to post negative papers. there's lots of reasons. But realise CBD is exactly like drinking. At lower dosages it has many pleasing effects but at higher dosages it becomes a depressant. That is why those bottles say start with those low dosages and work up until you find that sweet spot.
    As for the entourage effect if your not finding studies on this your not really looking or you are really crappy with using correct key words in your search engine. The studies are there, as is the information reflecting my comments above.

  14. I received my first bottle of full spectrum 1500mg a few days ago and I'm learning that I am not smart enough to understand the dosage..as soon as I opened the bottle I took the recommended 12 drops all at once…it caused me to get sleepy which was not good considering it was in the afternoon..this morning I took just 2 drops…I bought this to help with depression and back pain, but apparently need to take something to help my learning disability…I am just a peasant and if this little bottle cannot make it a month then there is no way that I will be able to afford this stuff

  15. There are a lot of companies selling their own hemp oil mixes and some are better than others. Zilis sells one of the very best formulas. It has 25% more Cannabinoids (CBD) in it and is 75% water soluble so it will get into your cells. All the other brands are 7 to 8% water soluble. You can get this brand here.

  16. Brandon, I agree that we no longer consume the ancient form of the herb, and there is definitely WAAAYY too much hybridization, which continues to happen, but are we really meant to consume something ancient when we as humans ourselves have evolved so much?

  17. Thank you.

    When I first came across the commercialized push for CBD and the accompanying product, the doses recommended are homeopathic in comparison to what studies suggest is needed. I think many of us will need hundreds to thousands of mg's for some of us to get the most out of it .

  18. Have you found any research about using CBD isolate for acute pain rather than daily dosing for chronic pain? I have heard lots of people say CBD isolate worked initially but lost effectiveness over time. That's the reason I have decided to use isolate only for acute bouts of abdominal pain. Since changing my diet in August to keto, I have a lot less occasions of abdominal pain. I find I need CBD isolate only 2 to 3 times per month at the most

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