CBD Strains for Anxiety and Sleep – WILL IT MAKE ME HIGH?

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  1. I’m trying to find an alternative or an addition to my current herbs that I take for my (sometimes) debilitating anxiety. How long would a vape and/or the tincture last me if I wanted to take it daily?

  2. coming from your tik tok and i was wondering if we could see more of your day to day life like your life style. i saw your morning routine with mud water and the chlorophyll and i’m really curious about that kind of stuff but idk where to start😂

  3. This may be a dumb question but actively enjoying these CBD strains wouldn't cause a drug test to come up as positive since they are CBD, correct? I love your videos so much and would LOVE to visit your farm. Asheville is one of my favorite cities – my dad lives in Charlotte 🙂

  4. When you smoke your vape, how many hits do you think you take? I wanna try vape or rollie but I don't want to smoke too much lol!
    Also how many drops of the 1000mg tincture do you take before bed?

  5. Hi! First off, I love your vibes so much! ♡︎ I want to buy some products but I don’t know what to get!! I have SEVERE OCD/ANXIETY + IBS and I’m trying to “fix”/“help” my health issues with natural products/not pharm. I use to smoke thinking it would help my anxiety but it actually made it worse and when I smoked I would freak out so much that I would think I was dying and I would force myself to sleep bc I was so scared when I was high. So I stopped smoking. I want to find something for the day that will help my anxiety and keep me products I’ve at work and then something for after work to chill but not freak me out! I will buy anything you recommend! 🙂

  6. If you’re thinking about getting cherry uno, do it! I just got mine a few days ago and I can already feel a difference. My brain is always going a million miles a minute and when I hit my vape my brain is silent. It’s literally magic. Definitely gives a warm calming feeling inside and makes me sleep like a baby. Definitely give cherry uno a try!!

  7. i’ve been having such a hard time deciding on which to try!! i struggle with anxiety and the reason i don’t smoke is because it made me very anxious. and i’m not looking for something that will make me too sleepy, what would you recommend? love your energy!🌱💛

  8. You're such a beautiful soul!! So excited to start ordering your products 💫your family is doing some amazing things out there! I was curious as a first time cbd user whats the difference in feeling with the 500mg and 100mg with the cartridges?

  9. I literally just love how much you love what you do. I’m from Colorado and we don’t really get to see the behind the scenes of it all and I love this! I love to vibe with you! You go girl 💜🌱

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