Delta-8 THC Vape Cart Review | Budtender Thoughts

On today’s educational cannabis adventure, this botanically derived terpene cart is the last of our Delta-8 thc vape carts from Delta Alternatives. #delta8 …


  1. I already bought the Rogue River Labs Watermelon Zkittlez (hybrid) Cannabis Derived Terpenes cart and I like a lot better than the other carts! Taste a whole lot better and the quality of the high is way better, more pure. I prefer it a lot more over the other Rogue River carts and I have them all! The only problem I have smoking these carts is that after a couple of days of vaping I got to give my self at least a week or two for my lungs to recover, I'm not a smoker, never smoked cigarettes! I develop a mild cough, especially when trying to sleep that takes a while to go away! I've spent at least a few weeks a year in Seattle to visit my brother for the last ten years or so, I live in Texas, so when I get to vape a delta-9 cart all I need is two or three small light draws and I'm good for hours, very stoned! I love delta-8's but it seems you have to inhale a lot more vape to get you there!! Believe it or not, I think I actually prefer the delta-8 buzz over the delta -9, just find it more relaxing, less edgy and a really good body buzz! Oh, still love your channel! Good stuff!

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