Dr. Oz's Miracle Marijuana Cure!

The great and powerful Dr. Oz has come around to the green side about the miraculous benefits of cannabis. Given his track-record, we’re not so sure that’s a …


  1. I don't hear Dr Oz saying what this guy said that he says.
    Dr Oz says that there's no such thing as a miracle cure and some of these things seem to have some potentia benefit and from that this guy claims Dr Oz is saying miracle cure.

  2. Wow good job Higher Ground! What’s next? These people may even claim the Marijuanas kill Cancer Cells and that Humans have an Endocannabinoid System. Thank God we have you as the fact checker I can sleep better at night now!

  3. Amen god gave us plant seed herb trees keep your faith jesus is here..cannabis oil saves look for video by rick simpson called run from the cure and ed Griffen World without cancer…Amen..pets and human cancer's and many sickness diseases are healded .. cures by cannabis oil and ground apricot seeds 1seed to every 10 lb body weight ..we been told lies they knew this all along ..doc and vet cant tell us or they go to jail.cannabis oil may be legal in your state some make it anyway to save a life.wake up world millions billions all over the world have found out the truth pass it on..search it

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