Eating Tomatoes Every Day Does This To Your Body

Would the health of your heart improve? How about your vision? Can tomatoes make me look younger? Wait, they can actually lower your chances of getting …


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  2. What happens when you eat 🍅🍅🍅Daily;;Your risk of Cancer goes down,🍅A Healilthier Heart,🍅Better 👀Health,🍅,Glowing Skin,🍅🍅Manages your Diabetes,,🍅🍅VitaminBoost 🍅🍅Better Digestion 🍅🍅…

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  4. So many stay away from tomatoes ( and potatoes) because they’re a nightshade. But so healthy for you. I don’t have arthritis /. I deal with sinus issues/ clogged ears Still unsure if that would make it worse

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