Eaze: Marijuana Delivered Review

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  1. Eaze let me down I spent over 50 then claimed they have to charge me for delivery so I did not complain then I was suppose to get 20 off for my first order did not get I’m pissed they sold me 2 gs of nutreon shatter wish was SHIT run not nug rn for 70
    Bucks I was pissed nice driver but they bought those grams at 20 a pop after I looked tht brand up so fuck eaze for selling
    Me trash ima just get my ass up and go to my local clubs out here

  2. Not trying to be negative because this is very convenient and worth it, but I’m concern as a driver do you risk getting jacked (and yes dumb young teenagers will do the dumbest things for free anything of course thinking they can get away with it) since it’s not pre paid and you can basically sign up with a picture of anyone’s ID?? I would just love some reassurance on how it would be difficultly impossible so I’ll feel better about my sister delivering in the good in LB

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