EDD New Letter to Verify ID.ME if Suspension Unemployment Update to Certify January PUA PEUC EBT CA

EDD Unemployment Benefits Suspension Letter is already processing payments if you had received the new letter to Verify with ID.ME for your identification.


  1. I was told by EDD to verify my identity due to fraudulent activity on ID.Me on 1/6/21 I uploaded all documents to ID.me I was told they would be sending everything to EDD I was identifyed by ID/me on 1/7/21 at the end of verification ID.me said everything was cleared with identity? It's 1/10/21 6:50 p.m. and nothing with my account on EDD I just don't know what to do I hope everybody else doesn't go trough what I went trough? Yes I'm still broke good luck everybody 1/10/21 7:00 p.m. just got everything that was pending from EDD in my bank account got to pay bills now

  2. In Nebraska I just had to send over a copy my liscence..got the notification on the 6th….but I filed last year for the 1st round and was denied 3 times… so I gave up..then I got that notice .

  3. My inbox email said I will receive more details on Jan. 6 today is the 8th still no details how to verify my ID. I called and no one knows anything just say wait. Website has no updates. No answers

  4. Thank you brother I already claim on Sunday but my portal told me to re-apply I got to see my money but I went to see if I can claim to be sure I didn’t have to re-apply and it told me my account was suspended. To reset my pin and verify my Id I did so

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