EDD ReOpen Claim Button l Should You Click? Qs & As Suspension Unemployment Certify PUA PEUC EBT CA

EDD Unemployment Benefits ReOpen Claim Button questions and answers. Download my apps for Rakuten to get $40 free to shop and Ibotta to get free food …


  1. I need help I started receiving unemployment last year due to my job being shut down due to covid 19 and I started doing instacart shopper for 2 weeks as a side gig in december and recently when we got the extension on unemployment I reported the earnings and answered that I will not be working for instacart anymore and they set up a live phone interview and I am just confused , am I forced to work for instacart or can I voluntarily quit since its a side gig job and go back to my regular benefits? please help

  2. what do they expect people to do when they are telling people to reopen their claims? People gonna click reopen, only to fall into another deep hole. This is some fucken bull shit. This EDD is a big pile of shit. Garbage upper managements for sure. Need to kick all of them out and rebuild the whole department. They are hurting millions of Californians with their bullshits – ID verification b/, reopen button, the list goes on and on. What a garbage.

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