Episode 136: Rectal Cancer That Metastasized to Her Liver Was Cleared With Cannabis Oil

She was only 29 years old and had two small children when Janet MacDonald from Alberta, Canada was diagnosed with rectal cancer. She had surgery and …


  1. 20:05 "I am a westeren Dr. I don't believe in anything but westeren medcine" the Dr's statement shows what a closed shop western medcine is.
    It's just another man made religion yet more arrogant in its own defence than christianity.
    Anyone that questions it's validity is obviously mentaly ill,,,, and needs to see a Dr.
    To quote a great and truthful man
     " The practice of medicine may not be the world's oldest
    profession, but it is often seen to be operating on much the same

  2. Yep. Unfortunately, I couldn't convince my mom to be open-minded to such "nonsense" before it had spread from her liver to her lungs and spine. Oh, and my own colorectal cancer that returned within 6 months after "emergency" surgery last year…? What cancer? 😉

  3. my mom is 67 and diagnosed for ractal cancer. I want to ask u sir can my mom b also treated with cannabis oil? she had hr cemo and radiation. nw she is reluctant to have a surgery. hw mch dosage can she take? plz do reply. thank u

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