Feds Allow Marijuana Legalization to Move Forward in Colorado

Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project — — discusses the importance of the U.S. Justice Department’s announcement that it will allow …


  1. 1:21 one group is against it and you run your foul mouth say things like "Not overwhelming positive" WTF would you say that when is not true is just one little group. (smells like an agenda to me)
    hate this yellow journalism.

  2. Once Hemp oil and its glorious benefits to anyone that's ill are found out by the mass public, your going to see a shift in wealth from big pharma to farmers and despenceries

  3. The funny thing is you think tobacco companies are against legalization. Look into that a bit, you will find that both PM and the others all own fields of the stuff and even have product lines worked out for when it is legalized. Just wait it won't be long till you see the Marlboro Greens (google it).

  4. Now we need a federal law that makes the policy official in leaving it up to the states so it is not federally illegal in legalized states. That will help with banking for the business and federal and private employment.

  5. I know all about how they can look for grows and it's technically illegal for them to do without a search warrant. I just want to live in a State where I don't have to worry about being labeled an "evil criminal" for my personal cannabis plants growing on my private property regardless of how much I decide to grow.

  6. Does this mean CPS will stop harassing medical marijuana patients and stop abusing their children by separating them from their parents? Does this mean children who are benefitting from marijuana for cancer will be allowed to continue instead of being forced off it by CPS and forced toxic chemotherapy instead? CPS keeps the medical profession and pharmaceutical industries in business.

  7. The prohibition supporters will loose a lot of their funding now. Big pharma, big tobacco and alcohol producers now understand that relegalization can no longer be stopped.

  8. Smart Colorado needs to change its name if they think this is just short term, the voters finally pushed the legalization boulder to the top there's no way they will just step aside and let someone knock it back down.

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