Finding the Perfect Height for My Grow Lights – Cannabis Grow Guide Week 6

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  1. Hey man big fan of yours since you started on YouTube and I'm a patron of yours you're one of the best gross I've ever followed keep doing your thing boy you're teaching me a lot of stuff I appreciate for all the upcoming young Growers keep doing your thing boy One Love

  2. I really appreciate some help. I found a plant well hiking the other day took it home replanted and everything any advice to get in the best Harvest would be greatly appreciated.

    I'd write out a couple of buds and it smells like mint is that normal

  3. If u use a light mover u can put ur lights almost on top of ur plants. No hot spots when the light is moving. On top of that u can add more plants.
    Also, what r u growing soil? Those pots r too big. Get a 2-5 gallon. Same results but u can fit more plants in that space.

  4. Thank you for your Discord page man! Such a huge help for first time growers and everyone just wants to help you to get a great grow 🌱🌱❤️

  5. I'm loving your videos my fellow "Grow-mey" . I just started a channel of my own to help share my progress. Plus I can share information and also educate other growers. Id love if you came by and said "Hi" that'd be awesome. Keep up the great content. Much love and respect from Canada.

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