FLAVONOIDS: How Cannabis Gets It's Taste and How it Affects Us

How does that sweet lady Mary Jane get those amazing flavors we all love and enjoy? FLAVONOIDS! What are they and how do they affect us? This video …


  1. yeah we know you guys are blunt smokers you guys like to show it off like a 4 year old with a new toy. I like the info but the slow stoner mentality doesn't suite anyone. just discredits cannabis users all over the world. we are not all slow talking and burnt out and I have been smoking as long as you guys have been alive literally

  2. Im a daily dabber. Im not a fan of the mouth feel after smoking flower anymore. Rob i was neved a glass guy either. I do blow a blunt from time to time just to get what i call that full body high. A dabs more intense but hard to get that "full body high"

  3. I totally dig you guys. Rob I follow you around on you multiple channels and cameos. Unfortunately Trey constantly looks asleep and zoned out(I know I know). I started watching only about 6 months ago so I went back and got caught up. Not completely but I watched a bunch of old content. Trey was once involved and someone I related to more than Rob early on. Rob u are a badass too. Fast forward to today and dude come on. I’m not trying to be a dick and please just consider me as just an constructive opinion. Please wake up Trey and thank you Rob for all your good content. Man I sound like a dick and I’m not trying to. Thank you guys for the shows.

  4. I had some tangerine dream recently and it tastes like an ipa. I need to order those seeds. I can’t stop thinking about how delicious. Didn’t get me as high as I hoped tho.

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