Grow Marijuana: Light Deprivation (Dep) Greenhouse

Legal marijuana greenhouse. This light dep greenhouse is packed with another crop of medical marijuana. Raised beds framed with ground-cover cloth and …


  1. I want to thank you Jorge! Your passion for cannabis and growing (especially outdoors) has inspired me to start planning my own outdoor guerrilla grow. I'm currently in the startup stage of my indoor two tent indoor grow. I plan on keeping a couple mothers to cut clones from (Blue Dream/AK-47) and will use some of them for an outdoor grow, everything will be organic. I'm researching EVERY day and you have offered everyone a concentrated source of knowledge. I plan on picking up your grow encyclopedia not too long from now to show my support. Thanks for everything you have contributed to the industry!

  2. what happened that day you wher supposed to come to better health group in vallejo and do a book signing? people came with books asking when you would arive maby next time when your not so busy for a few hours we can have some books sign and get to meet you thanks again keep the vids going I feel like im in a class learning it all GREAT stuff

  3. Thanks Jorge. Tis the season to be Jolly… we're in a natural outdoor flowering phase where everything is flowering no matter its size …even my seedlings are all all sexing …South Florida Patio grow….in every phase of growth. Full spectrum Sunlight, LED's and Halide fortifiers.

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