Growing Cannabis in Coco – EP 2: To train, or not to train? (definitely train)

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  1. Ur RH is too low, 65temp for first three days,(close to 70RH) just for about as long…u need to be careful at that time..after that u lower it to about 65/65, few days then u drop it a degree each two days till u get about 58/58 by the time u put it in a jar, few BOVIDAS, few months later…mmmmmm

  2. Try this
    ZERO STRESS TRAINING! from seed grow in a square pot to 10cm tall, then turn plant pot on it side, plant will bend back towards the light within hours (no delay!), grow on it side until 30cms then transplant or if already in final pot put it back to normal!, chop all big fan leaves and tie down the tips of stem and branches then top(topping allows all other branches to then grow uniformly) MAINSTEM (or NOT if a auto), then allow to grow veg or put into flower,
    on day(7,14 of flower from when flowers are visible) check for faster growing branches and tie them down level with the rest, day 21 defoil big fan leaves, and make canopy level once more, every branch/cola can be tied more outwards at this point! then just let grow until the end. base ball bat buds

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