Growing Outdoor This Season? YOU NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS

If you’re growing Cannabis outside this season, you’ll want to make sure to avoid doing these things! Join the Club ➡️ search, “420 Growers Club” on your web …


  1. My flower has buds all over it and I’m growing outdoors but there’s only one problem, it has brown spots on it (not all over it) but it has a lot of brown spots , what can i change

  2. Keep em outta site too no matter how confident you are with your spot I had mine swipped and I live in the middle of no where all it takes is one person to see when your not home sucks but we learn as we go on right

  3. Had 3 plants that got too big for inside; put them out way too soon had to cover in a couple frosts. Started a seed from the same strain along side these plants in May. They are all equal today in last day of August and so much better than anything inside ive ever done. All 4 started flowering at the same time and are identical in progress.

  4. I missed my whole grow season. When the covid hit, I spent every dime and minute on g*ns, food, water stores, vests… the whole 9. my entire grow room is now a storage room for preps. I have 5 plants that I started late june from clones i bought. another lot in my woods behind my house that I tilled out, that was popped from good seeds i bought. IN JULY. i dont care about how much I get or harvest this year. i started late as hell. oh well. my survival gear was more important.

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