Hemp, Marijuana and Other Deadly Plants

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  1. Just saw this and I love it! We have feral hemp growing all over Nebraska. It was legal years ago. The U.S. government has spent millions over the years trying to eradicate it. What a waste! It's the plant that just keeps giving. ❤

  2. The new liberal government has plans to legalize marijuana for recreational uses. We shall see how this works out.
    Time to utilize the plant for its medicinal and recreational uses, including both marijuana and hemp plants!

  3. Awwwwsome! Thank you for this eye opening video! Both of us are nurses…but now aren't, Honestly we would have much rather given out marijuana than all those prescribed pills. It's criminal how backwards our society is! BTW we love you and your channel 🙂

  4. Totally agree with you. In the midwest they grew it during the war for ropes.Now they spray it to kill it. And I have heard they watch certain areas to try and catch people picking it and arrest them. So the government put it here years ago but now they want to keep it away from the people.Great rant! Give them hell Bev.

  5. I heard they are working on a new birth control pill for men called Mariagra. The bigger it gets, the faster you fall asleep, LOL. Great speech Bev. Should be sent to countries around the world to get a movement started. I know this is a start, but it would be great if your subs would send it to several of their friends around the world exponentially, and so on, and so on etc.

  6. Sadly we in america and elsewhere around the world are still caught up in the "reefer madness" hysteria from the 20's which corporate rolls out everytime hemp and Marijuana are mentioned. Further sadly most just trot right in line like good sheeple to the pablum dished out by the corporate power elite. The time has come for a change and this old patterned thinking needs to be shed to go back to a much older, wiser, safer for all alternative. Hemp based production lines can in a relatively short period of time be far more lucrative a business proposition for everyone from farmer to textile mill operator unfortunately however it cuts out big agra and pharma in the process. And therein lies the problem dear ones however shall these poor folks survive if they suddenly have no profits to be made? As my grandfather would have said "well, suck it up cupcake" the same grandfather I might add grew Hemp for the war effort in WW II.
    The time is rapidly approaching and I foresee within a generation that this will be a non issue as it will be accepted and widely practiced. "Safer than peanuts" should be the motto however this will most likely throw a spanner into the peanut farmers out there. <sigh can't please everyone all the time>

  7. The forefathers required farmers grew hemp because of all these wonderful benefits.  Why are we not demanding it?  PROPAGANDA, pure and simple.  People eat what they are fed and few will do the legwork to test what they were told.  Thank you for being one of the few.

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