How to get a medical marijuana card in Florida

Michelle Terrell, Florida director of sales and marketing for medical marijuana company Curaleaf, explains how to get a medical marijuana card in Florida. Video …


  1. Rec is already ruined by medical disp like trulieve sorry to burst your bubble. Rec in florida is going to be even more of a nightmare then medical .TL already partnering with some of the most infamously greedy and morally bankrupted companies. As there a great fit for each other. People supported TL so foolish to the point there dominating and have double the stores of any other. Yet there the worst to there patients. Have more complaints since they opened then any other. But cause the have some lousy promos. Thats all it takes in florida. A medical card is insanely exp and pretty worthless. If i had any options. Id leave florida asap and goto one of many good legal states. You could come back to fl in twn years and itll still be the model for terrible. Its cheaper to have a mortage in another state then need medical in fl.

  2. With the almost endless list of medical benefits from the cannabis plant it is insane that it is not freely available for all to use without having to jump through expensive government hoops. The hardest part about getting a medical marijuana card in Florida is the crazy high price. And then waiting for "permission" to heal ourselves. The cost of allowing our corrupted government to control our healthcare takes our money, and our lives.

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  4. Can anyone tell me where the state taxs and require fees be paid to by the sick and dieing. To get there prescribed medication? I an not aware of any other drug that requires this ?

  5. Wow man you don’t even understand how much I need this I have such bad anxiety and when I don’t have my medicine it’s so bad you don’t even understand. Gonna get this asap

  6. Nice video tho but i got my marijuana card few weeks ago from my sure plug i have been dealing with for a while now he did it for less price and its legit you can get him on IG as (Kendybrown) or you inbox me for more information about him

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