How to get weed out of your system fast? – Ms. Sushma Jaiswal

Our body naturally detoxifies, but system could be little slow. The most common way of detoxifying body is by taking more fluids, body detoxifies itself by throwing …


  1. some bitch gave me an edible and i didn’t notice until i was already chewing it and i have a drug test tomorrow. there’s no way i’m gonna get it out of my system by tomorrow so good luck to me i guess

  2. Anyone else notice her smiling and looking off past the camera when she said the best way is to say away from marijuana. I feel like even she thought that was a joke bc who would be trying to detox and watch this if there not smoking already lol

  3. I started smoking since I was 17 now i'm 25 but I used to smoke occasionally. Now I've been home on quarantine because the company that I used to work for got temporarily closed due to Covid. Now I have about 10 months being unemployed and All I been doing is chilling and smoking everyday and night. I don't think my company will call me any time soon that's why I started looking for jobs and I know they will ask me for a drug test and I need to be clean.
    I can't help it, I love weed so much, being high is the best feeling.

  4. I have a test this Thursday. I desperately need this job! On Thursday it will be 11 days since I smoked. I smoked nearly every day but only a small bowl or 2 in the evenings. I weigh about 170. I have been walking the park aggressively every day and drinking lots of lemon water, Gatorade and Yogi Detox tea. Been eating lots of fruits of veggies and taking a multi-vitamin and B-complex every day. Is there anything anyone else suggests I should do?

  5. Okay I was a heavy smoker my senior year and stopped for a week, but in that week I would exercise super super hard. To the point where sweat kept dripping off my body like an actual sprinkler. I weighed about 140. After that week, I got tested and result was negative. NOW I smoked one whole year of carts and it took my ass 1 actual month to get clean. I exercised the same way and drank plenty of water and cranberry juice also drank my B12 vitamins and it still took 4-5 weeks. I weigh about 145 now

  6. She is hot is that weird she just looks attractive it's for sure her accent also I am done getting un high this is how

    I brushed my teeth

    I took a shower

    I washed my face with cold water and put the water In my eyes

    I am pretty sober now I just look high but every one knows I stay up late and always tired so yeah I have a reason looking high lol

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