[How to] Make Cannabis Oil Safely w Ethanol 🌲🔥

Do you want to make weed oil at home? Find out how with our easy step by step guide showing you how to make cannabis oil. In this video we will be making …


  1. Some nice color to that oil, great job!!

    FYI – We can get Alcool from the LCBO (Everclear equivalent, at $90/L) but you need to call and find out which stores carry it, and you may go through 1 or 2 clerks/managers before finding somebody who knows what/where it is in the store. It used to require a permit to purchase but that requirement was lifted around the same time that Cannabis 2.0 was rolled out.

  2. Just finished my first grobo grow fantastic results. The quality of the flowers are amazing and the trichome quality is beyond expectations. Hope you guys can produce bigger machines soon.

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