How To Make Your Own Cannabis Seeds With Soup The Gardener

Or Go To The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out And Waking And Baking With Soup …


  1. Be careful who u get your cuts from you could do a whole grow like me and harvest a crystal less harvest….wasted time nutes and powerbill…….I have to drive to NorCal and get my genetics from a trusted source now. I'm currently flushing my Ice Cream Cake and its frosty as fuck and purp….:)

  2. I know strains are different … but every individual seed in a strain is different …. so really u can never get exactly Wat your looking for with every strains seed. It's basically lots of seeking.

  3. Just some info in breeding and genetics… most are not just as easy as dominant and recessive. There’s a lot of things other factors and biological processes that result in different genetics and traits. Just a huge props to breeders since genetics is more complicated than we really think

  4. I grow my males out in opposite corners of my attic under small Walmart/lowes "grow" light bulbs, in those reflective cones with the clip. That way I can see their expressions, but keep them from contaminating each other if/when I choose I do want to collect one! And I also take cuts of all before hand!

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