How To Start Growing Cannabis Week 4

How To Start Growing Cannabis Week 4 Official Website & Store: Whats up Growers! Did the Intro Scare you? lol Happy to see your …


  1. hey man love the videos just curious have u ever tried using a water bottle to help u while low stress training haven't had this happen once since I started?

  2. Hi "dude" ,
    for the last 3-4 day's ive been sick as hell (flu) and found your video's here in youtube becauze of another grower i found 4 day's ago.

    i've been literely fallin asleep with your video's and waking up now with them for the last 2 day's 😀
    I've been true a lot of your talking ,now that i stop and think about it 😀 goddamn haha and i'm not done !

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the effort yoou put into this , i went to this video to put this comment cuzz currently i'm on the kush veg week 6 i think , just in the hope you read this!
    i just heard your talk about bullshit people that come to these videos and spread negative shit.. your right , don't tolerate this , keep this channel chill 🙂 , let them have negative outbursts somwhere else 🙂
    I don't subscribe or anything , not that of a youtuber , just use it for music and some other things normally but i did sub to you or how the hell it's called and i will start following you.
    i am planning on uploading some of my own video's maybe in time, i do believe i have a small amount of tips and tricks myself i can share and i' kinda liking how this small com. of you and some other youtubers is.

    Anyway sorry for al the reading , haha , it's the least you can do back to me for me listening hours and hours to you XD haha

    good job homie! 😀
    Your plants look FRESH and are a joy to watch , altho i must be honest , the first time i saw you lollipop i was like WOOOOOOOW How mutch did this guy just take of his plants ? XD
    haha so mutch to say to you , but i don't feel like writing more
    Have a good day

  3. Twice a day PH it? Holy crap man. I do dwc and I never PH my water after it's already made and in the buckets. I start at 5.1-5.3 and it drifts up a lil bit but WOW twice a day, i wouldn't make it. LOL

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