How you Know When to Harvest your Marijuana…

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  1. we should make a campaign to make marijuana legal 1 it doesnt kill brain cells and if it does scientists say your brain reproduces 100s of brain cells in a day 2 its not addictive at all you'd have to smoke 15,000 joints in 20 mins haha and i dont think thats possible 3 theres never been 1 death because of marijuana none! and its been proven to super way healthier non harmful. Alcohol and cigarettes those actually give you CANCER! c'mon guys and chicks all together we can change the world

  2. @twist1128 i never understood any of that m8,i take it you never read the coment above mine?i was asking the guy has he never heard of cheese as he didnt know we had weed here in the uk?and here in the uk we have the best damn weed in the disrespect but i dont read text format and what the fucks a hoppy never herd that before?peace

  3. @ARJI1979 wot planet you from never heard of cheeses lmfao! probly aint grew balls 2yet 2grow weed i respect evry1 takin a stand the mug buys street shite not knowing100% whats in it and is it what they say its nice to trydiffrent types and a great hoppy i just done blue cheese nice but first xp of cheeses was a street bag b4 i steppd in da game i thought nah shite nothing like ur own medicine dont knock knowledge or people seeking it otherwise ur in the wrong place peace 2all gnja farner!

  4. A. It is not pronounced tricones! , it is TRICHOMES! People are also calling saying "strand" instead of the word "Strain" !!!

    As for right time to harvest… that can vary…but it is a fact that if you don't see any at least 5% amber trichomes on avg on the whole plant…you are taking it FAR TOO SOON… For a good Full on high I like 25% amber trichomes…do not listen to anyone that tells you it's ready when the trichomes are milky, because milky is just when the flow slows.

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