Hundreds of marijuana cultivation applications denied in Missouri

A total of 554 applications were filed. With only 60 allowed, for now that means only 11% of applications got the green light.


  1. It doesn't take money to make money the law was wrote for the rich to only make money what also happened to the 24 differing dispensary and cultivations that were supposed to come out per district. And what happened to what the voters voted for…. oh yeah what people dodnt realise is we passed 2 ballot measures and the second one beside new approach gave the government the ability to do just this what they are doing taking bribes and lobbyists money to give the licenses to people they only want growing that can fill political pocket books

  2. Thieves, that is what we voted for. To promote government thieves because fuck what the people want. But hey, no one wants to force this bullshit to stop. Let's keep hoping the broken system will fix itself.

  3. Yeah they did the same thing in Canada. If you have connections with govt you get green lighted, while those that were previously running as dispensaries / compassion clubs for a long time never got approval for retail despite having years of experience. We have a former police chief that conducted raids on grow ops in past, now being a owner of a chain of recreational MJ locations. GO FIGURE.

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