I got my THC genetics tested | Cannabis Nutrigenomics

I got my THC genetics tested to find out – 1) how quickly my body metabolizes THC – 2) my genetic mental health risk factors with THC – 3) how THC affects my …


  1. Huge fan of the podcast, but only recently subscribing on YouTube today. I want to extend genuine gratitude and a thank you for what you do. Thank you again from a real binge listener.🍄

  2. Awesome interview, from both sides! I did check out their website, but it's only for the USA/Canada and I'm in the EU. Do you know a reliable similar service on my side of the pond?

  3. When I smoked pot I got weak closed eye visuals. Later I tried just plain pot, not heated (ate it), for thc-a and cbd effects. Then I got more intense closed eye visuals, and it lasted for 2-3 hours.

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