INDOOR 2×4 CANNABIS GROW UPDATE 🌱 Starting Seedlings!!

INDOOR 2×4 CANNABIS GROW UPDATE | Starting Seedling In todays video I wanted to show you my little 2×4 cannabis grow that I have going. So far I am …


  1. Hi, that is a real strong and great light..i have an sp250 and i make sure the hooks that attach to the hanging strings are attached to the BLACK part of the light frame. It’s a stronger hold there, i think u have it on the silver part. Just my opinion. Also its a short tent i would put the (hot box) part of the light on top of the tent, i forgot what its called lol…but u should drop temp significantly…if heats a problem 4 u..🥂 cheers. love your videos👍🏽

  2. Aww look at the babies 🤗 I love growing from seed. I prefer seeds over clones. You should lower your light a bit to about 24-36 inches or so above your seedlings, they look like they are stretching towards the light. That's an easy fix though just bury the stem when you repot 😊. I can't wait to see them grow 💚

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