Interview with Shaleen Title, Inaugural Commissioner MA Cannabis Control Commission (2017-2020)

Shaleen Title served as Massachusetts’ Inaugural Commissioner of the state’s Cannabis Control Commission from 2017-2020. She Joined Benjamin Dixon to …


  1. Medical caregiver from MA here. We need to legalize it countrywide! One of the benefits my patients get under the medical program compared to recreational is that it is taxfree! Just FYI

  2. Dears Ben-of-Dixon and Shaleen-of-Title, though to the topic we were so very avidly listening
    It must be said that the clothing cut-and-colour-scheme of Ben was absolutely … … sterling !!!

  3. I'd like to see Ms. Title on the Morning Trap. I'm more interested in the growing end of it, personally. I think it could be good money crop for farmers, which doesn't require either fertilizer or insecticides/herbicides, which, aside from anything else, are really expensive. For that to be viable, they would have to be able to sell it to someone not under the thrall of agrobusiness. If you bring her on the Morning Trap, I promise not to ramble on about permaculture in the comments. How's that? 😉

  4. all good … we the people will prevail … the devil went down in Georgia … then he went to DC and went down there as well … Georgia has really done a job … so many fine new faces and voices of gender and color now grace the media pages …

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