Is cannabis legalisation coming to the UK?

The Home Secretary has ordered a review into the medicinal use of cannabis – saying his decision was prompted by the cases of two young children with severe …


  1. 2018: Is cannabis legalisation coming to the UK?
    2021: We had an election, got a new PM, covid19 happened, Brexit is done. And cannabis is still nowhere near to being legalised.

  2. I had meningitis when I was 14 now in coma for 13 months now 44 and am unable to work from pain seizures multiple involuntary movements with,fatigue/restless leg syndrome,anxiety,fibromyalgia,depression,nerve damage, acdf surgery,finger curvature,extreme lower back pain and the list of medicines I'm on which are legal is very long,yet cannabis thc oil works better than any legal opoid drugs in uk and yet now been visited by border patrol for 42ml of thc oil and now at ends wit. At the moment I have had enough of life while dealing with pain and now don't know where to turn..😒😔😣 amazes me how alcohol is legal yet a plant that can change my life is illegal.. mp please help my life 🙏

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  5. Just legalise the whole thing just because a couple people get psychosis, who normally have already existing mental illness or issues, means no one can use it. People drink themselves to death daily and smoke tobacco relentlessly. These poor kids need it as a medicine and all they do is elongate these “trials” to suppress the idea of legalisation. Legalisation would reduce crime as cannabis is a main contributor to gangs and criminals so why don’t we take the profit from the criminals and pump it into our economy? It can also be used to create things such as clothing, structures, candles etc. Most importantly it can be used to treat horrible health issues such as epilepsy, cancer, anxiety and many more. It’s time we reform our archaic laws from as far back as 1928, which is pre World War 2 and this country has changed massively from then. Do the right thing and legalise the herb!

  6. Where is it then?

    Its harder to get medical cannabis now in the UK than it was before the law change in 2018.

    Any minister that makes money from the prohibition of drugs should be charged with crimes against the people.

  7. weed is so good for so many people that need it in our Country the sick and the illness that are making people suffer and people should be able to smoke and have a good time like people drink alcohol

  8. legalize and tax cannabis legalize and tax cannabis legalize and tax cannabis legalize and tax cannabis

  9. I really wish it was I use as a painkiller and I have chronic pain I don't use it to get stoned I don't smoke enough to make me feel funny it means I can walk do housework etc etc without this I really really really struggle it makes it so I can function I also have chronic fatigue syndrome and as much as many people would think getting stones makes you do nothing I'm incredibly productive it makes me clean house get stuff done it also makes me feel less worried and stressed and anxiety is lessoned I think it should be used for people with chronic pain I would really love the pain killer without the getting high as I don't like the high but for a tiny user marginal less a ten bag would last me about 2 weeks it makes my life better pain management is better my house is clean I feel better in myself and it really would be good if they looked into it more

  10. Sooo available for one person with seizures, but everyone else in the country has to suffer. Available to anyone who kicks up a fuss about it, but not to everyone else. Doctors all over the country won’t prescribe it due to fear of losing their licenses. Doctors are being threatened with this by the home office, it’s not about saving lives for the politicians. It’s about power and keeping the dependence on big pharma

  11. I would love to hear the police explanation as to why it's legal in pretty much every country and how if it's so bad then why are some of the most successful people in life stoners.

    But on a positive note atleast we are starting somewhere with legalising the use of CBD.

  12. 2:52 "Critics say allowing cannabis in medicine will slip into libralising the use of it recreationally.." hate to burst the critics bubble but its already used recreationally and medicinally and people are criminalised for it. The gov and medical industry in the uk just havent caught up yet.. so catch up, do your trials look at the data which theres plenty of atm especially in america, canada and amsterdam amoungst other places. And if the worry is "mental health issues" then ban alcohol and opiates like morphine because you can make the same argument if not a far more serious case for these yet they are legal and prescribable. Instead of worrying about if priti patel is bully civil servants lets focus on more important matters such as things like this and not to mention the economic benefits it brings which given brexit youd think we might wanna boost our economy and bring more jobs (uk based ones at that) to deprived areas that were once massive points of industry. Anyone would think youre asking them to legalise something immoral.

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