Is Marijuana Legalization Inevitable In The US?

Every ballot initiative involving the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana passed in the 2020 election. The Democratic-controlled House also passed the …


  1. My best friend died of Lung Cancer he only smoked Marijuana and his Doctor said his Lungs looked like someone who smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day.
    I think there should be a warning on every package that is sold that is Smoked!!

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  3. You failed to mention the man that that saw Marijuana as a interloper to his tree Empire 🌳.
    Randolph Hurst was against the plant and led the crusade for the eradication of the herb because he thought that Marijuana had so many positive and beneficial uses such as hemp, paper, medicine to name a few however Hurst had owned a great many stands of forestry in the West and South West that he did not want the many uses of Marijuana to get in the mainstream, so America's first Durg czar was invented.

  4. The stuff the guy said was interesting, I wish he had gotten a chance to describe a path in which recreational use is legalized but it would make it more difficult to be taken over by massive industries. Seems like the best way for weed to do widespread good is to stay mostly in the hands of individual businesses and not become a corporate entity underneath the umbrella of big tabaco/pharma/alcohol.

  5. Dude no one is going to go buy "NAME BRAND" WEED for 65$ a gram when the local dude sells better products and taxes will go to local city.. yea corpo argument doesn't work here mr. suit and tie… you have no idea what your talking about just shut up.

  6. Countless lives are ruined, i lost my dream career because of a drug test, when I smoke at home and never on the job, so whats up with all these alcoholics??? We get fired and loose our careers for smoking on our time off but being an alcoholic wich is way more dangerous ok??? This is the most unpatriotic thing I've ever heard of, this is America and it just doesn't feel like it

  7. I find it so interesting that Marijuanna has kept its stigma as a gateway drug but alcohol which was prohibited as it was destructive to families is now legal and is still destructive to families. Just saying not everyone is a happy drinker and not everyone knows their limits and understands that responsibility means don't drink and drive.

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